Umbrella Insurance

When insurance policy coverage are very specific on what they cover, Umbrella insurance looks out for the additional damages! 

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Umbrella Insurance

Imagine having a pretty good life with a sizeable number of assets including your house fully paid off. It is all good and then, suddenly your car crashes into another. Your car is insured, and the insurance company takes care of the damages. But the other car you crashed into had some high-ranking executive in it. Now you have to pay for their car, their medical bills, their lost wages. You will be charged millions and you might not be able to cover it all. This is where umbrella insurance will save you.

Why umbrella insurance?

While most of the insurance policies are pretty specific, which means they provide one type of coverage, umbrella insurance covers all of you in a rainstorm. This insurance makes sure to cover your liability when other policies of yours fail to. It is a type of liability insurance that will protect you in case of any lawsuits filed against you.

You will save your assets from getting wiped out with umbrella insurance. Here is what it covers:

  • Property damage
  • Bodily Injury
  • Legal damages
  • Legal fees

Why RHA Insurance?

Umbrella insurance can be the savior. It can help you stay financially stable even if something doesn’t go right. We make umbrella policies more reachable to you on a low cost. The specific cost that can incur involves an evaluation of the amount of coverage, the insurance carrier’s provisions, driving records and risk profile.

We can help you out if a delivery guy slips because of your sprinkler system and sues you. The legal fees and damages will be covered by this policy that we will provide to you.

We work with the leading insurance providers and we can draft a policy that can take care of all your needs. Contact us for more information.

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