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We always hope for the best when we are on the road, but that doesn’t mean we should be unprepared for uncertainties.

Term Life Insurance is a safety net for your family

Sitting around the dinner table discussing the day seems like a happy ending to a good day. You just know that it will be a better tomorrow when you turn off those lights-until it is not. Death, as morbid as it sounds doesn’t check our planners. It can come knocking and catch us off-guard. How prepared are we for an unfortunate scenario like this?

Pick a time frame, and relax!

Term life insurance offers coverage for a certain period. You can get a term life insurance for;

  • 10 years: You will receive the coverage for another ten years of your life from the date of initialization of the policy
  • 20 years: You will receive the coverage for another twenty years of your life from the date of initialization of the policy
  • 30 years: You will receive the coverage for another thirty years of your life from the date of initialization of the policy

The insurance will ensure financial coverage against the premium that you will be paying for the period of your choosing.

    Permanent Life Insurance

    What is the difference between Term and Permanent?  Click here to go to Term Life Insurance.

    The benefits are plenty when you choose Term Life Insurance

    1) Simplicity

    Term life insurance is easy to understand as compared to the plans such as the endowment policies which combine the savings with a risk cover. There is no division of premium, that goes into the risk cover cost and the investment in the actual savings, like the case with other cash value plans. Financial planning is such cases is a little tough. Not with the term life insurance though. It is almost about paying the premium and getting covered for the term you choose.

    2) Safety

    Term insurances can make sure that your dependents are free from any financial liabilities that you have. They do not have to worry about the loans or debts that you are yet to settle. In case you are the sole breadwinner for the family, the term insurance policy insurance policy is imperative for you

    3) Savings

    Investing in a term life insurance policy does not only provide the safety net for the family, but you can also enjoy some relaxation in the form of the tax benefits. You can save when paying out the premium.

    4) Sensible initial cost

    As compared to other policies out there, a term policy has a relatively low initial cost. The reason is that you will be paying for the death benefit only and the beneficiaries will receive the benefit if you pass away during the term of the policy. Other permanent policies can get on the higher end because you will be trying to build a cash value.

    We understand that your insurance needs are different, and we can help customize the solution for you. We can help with the extension of the insurance policies in case you decide that you want to go for more than 10 years as the policy approaches the end. Our executives are always here to assist you in case you have any queries throughout the operational period of the policy.

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