Permanent Life Insurance

We always hope for the best when we are on the road, but that doesn’t mean we should be unprepared for uncertainties.

Permanent Life Insurance

Life insurance is the best gift for your family that you can provide. In an unfortunate event, if the insurer is met with death, your family has a safety net for financial stability. We understand that losing a loved one has no compensation but having some sort of security makes it a little less painful.

Permanent Life Insurance policies offer lifelong coverage with a cash value component. This policy is an umbrella term. That means any permanent life insurance policy that you choose, has a death benefit as well as a savings portion. The cash value of the policy keeps growing and the insurer can also claim a loan against it.

Getting a permanent life insurance policy means a higher rate than normal term policies. This is one of the best insurance policies out there and it means nothing less than permanent long-term coverage.

The coverage is for the entire lifespan, as long as the premiums are paid.

Term Life Insurance

What is the difference between Term and Permanent?  Click here to go to Term Life Insurance.

Whole Life Insurance

Getting whole life insurance means that you will be insured against death, whenever that happens. There is no fixed term and there are many policies out there that might provide a dividend for retirement as well. Whole life insurance can be

  • Pure whole life

Premiums will be payable throughput life and there is also a risk coverage for the entire lifespan and the death benefit is paid at the end of the policy.

Premiums are paid for shorter durations or after death as chosen by the insurer. Risk coverage is available

Here you can customize the premiums and coverage as you deem fit. This is a more flexible form of whole life insurance. The insurer is at liberty of shifting the money between the saving component and the insurance.

Universal Life with no lapse guarantee

This universal life insurance has a no-lapse provision which guarantees the death benefit, regardless of the market conditions. This policy offers guaranteed lifelong premiums with an expense of high guaranteed cash value.

Index Universal life

This policy puts a considerable portion of the premium into the annual renewable term insurance. The remainder is then added to the cash value of the particular policy. The cash value is credited on an annual or monthly basis.

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Tax Benefits

The death benefit is paid to the beneficiaries without any tax deduction. It is the amount promised and there is no compromise on that.

  • The growth of the cash value of the permanent life insurance policy is tax-deferred.
  • There is no tax unless the dividends that you receive are higher than the premiums you have paid
  • There is no tax in case you get of the policy loan.