Condo Insurance

Condo Insurance

Condo insurance provides coverage for your belongings within the condo and any modifications you make to it. When you own a condo, it is always a great idea to protect your belongings with a comprehensive coverage option.

Our Condo insurance policies are curated carefully to offer unmatched coverage.

Why get Condo Insurance?

Your condominium association is most likely not going to insure your unit or the contents inside. Their insurance normally covers for the liability insurance for the association and covers the building structure, including commonly owned areas. The association owned policy is not going to cover you or your belongings within.

The condominium insurances are particularly designed for co-op or condo owners to cover damages such as fire damage, water damage. theft etc. 

What does it cover?

Condo Insurance also provides coverage for your personal belongings and the condo upgrade you made. This includes coverage against your belongings, condo upgrades, lawsuits against you, injuries that occur within the space, and temporary relocation costs in case you need to shift out of your condo for major repairs.

Your possessions

You will be covered against any damage or theft of your belongings including furniture, bicycles, electronics, tools, clothes, and more. In addition to these the cover is extended to any damage caused by a power surge, theft, water, fire, vandalism, aircraft, vehicle, and more.

Loss of use

The policy will cover the hotel expenses, rent, or food expenses in case your condo is damaged and needs major repairs. Your relocation costs are borne by the policy.

Personal Liability

In case of a legal suit being drawn against you or your family member for any injury or property damage, the personal liability covers the lawyer, court fees, and any other costs related to the legal side.


Medical Payments

If someone gets hurt on your property, the policy kicks in to cover for the medical expenses. If the injury happens in a commonly owned area, the association insurance should cover that for you.

Additional coverages

Besides the basic coverages, if you are interested in covering some add-ons, you can do so. You can opt for a water back-up coverage which will cover your condo for damage caused due to backed-up sump pumps or the sewer systems. You can contact us for details about the additional coverages.

Our policy coverage options

Our policies offer customized coverage options. You can opt for the limited replacement cost loss settlement which offers pay equal to the cost of repair or replace your damaged property up to the liability limits. The depreciated loss settlement facilitates the payment of repair cost or replaces the damaged property minus pre-loss depreciation up to liability limits.

The Rh Insurance offers customized insurance policy specifically as per the requirements. We are known to get the best deals out of the overcrowded policy market with incredible claim support. We understand the urgency of a condo insurance policy and our team makes sure that you are guided throughout the process.

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