Boating Insurance

Professionally and recreationally, many people spend quite a bit of time on their boats and what a relief it is to know that the property is thoroughly protected.

Why boating insurance?

If you are sailing for fun or sailing to earn your livelihood, insurance coverage protects your interests and makes sure you have peace of mind. Here is what good boating insurance can help you with;

  • Collision damage
  • Injury liabilities
  • Property damage liabilities
  • Medical payments
  • Oil spills
  • Assistance
  • Fishing equipment replacement

Why choose RHA Insurance

We can help customize an insurance policy that covers all of your concerns on a limited budget. We will help take care of the boat and the owner as well. Your property is safeguarded against collisions, oil spills or any other kind of damage. We make sure that your financial boat doesn’t go down to rough water.

We have a dedicated team to solve your questions and provide insurance-related information. The process of receiving boating insurance is easy and hassle-free. Our process is transparent and easy to understand.

    Our boating insurance covers a wide spectrum.  Here is what we cover for you.

        • Property damage liability
        • Personal Injury liability
        • Motor
        • Trailer
        • Physical damage perils
        • Medical damage Perils

    Type of vehicles we cover for boating insurance:

        • Mini Jetboat
        • Runabout
        • Sailboat
        • Pontoon
        • Houseboat
        • Fishing boats
        • Bass Boat
        • Cabin Cruise

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