ATV Insurance

Going on ATV adventures is exhilerating, but do you have insurance to keep accidents in check? 

Never let the adventure stop!  

An ATV is all about the thrill, speed, and adventure. That powerful engine can get you through the ridges and troughs and your insurance coverage needs to be equally tough!

Why buy an ATV Insurance?

If you ride an ATV you know that it gets quite bristly out there. You’ll need a coverage option just in case things don’t go as you expected.  ATV’s are expensive. Replacing a thing or two might create a hole in your pocket.  ATV Insurance will provide you with a safety net and will take care of you and your vehicle. You are legally required to purchase ATV insurance. 

    Benefits of buying an ATV Insurance

    A typical ATV insurance covers all vehicle types including three-wheelers, four-wheelers as well as quad bikes. You can enjoy your ATV adventures with guaranteed peace of mind. You can get an ATV insurance policy with multiple add-ons. The policy limits can be customized as per your requirements. Here is what you can get out of a typical policy in combination with some add-on coverages.

    • Collision coverage: In case of an accident, this insurance policy covers for any damage caused to the vehicle
    • Bodily injury liability coverage: The policy covers you for any damage associated with an accident resulting in injury or killing of the other party. The legal fees will also be covered in this policy
    • Property damage liability coverage: The policy covers you for any damage that is incurred by your ATV to somebody’s property. In case of the litigation, if filed, the legal fees will be covered as well.
    • Medical payments: the PIP (personal injury protection) can help you pay for the hospital expenses including surgeries, x-rays or other medical expenses
    • Comprehensible coverage: This kicks in to cover the damage to your ATV that is not caused by a collision, for example, the damage caused by vandalism, earthquake, flooding, fire, theft, etc.
    • OEM endorsement: This coverage can ensure that your ATV gets a repair by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). In case the part is not available from OEM, payment is issued on the market value of the required part

    Every policy can be customized with optional coverages. Please discuss the policy in detail with the representative for a better understanding

    Riding an ATV comes with its own set of risks. It gets rough out there and it is better to ensure your safety. Make sure you are wearing protective gear and staying safe.

    • We are more concerned with your safety and we understand that an accident can affect physical and financial situations.
    • We can help you by offering comprehensive insurance solutions that will cover most of your insurance needs.
    • We can offer customized solutions to your requirements as we believe that there is no practical ground for “one solution suits all” scenario
    • Our representatives are very experienced, and they are here to assist. You can reach us with any question, and we will make sure you get a prompt response.