Insurance and Millennials: What is the trend?

August 28, 2020


RHI Agency Team

Insurance and Millennials: What is the trend among the young generation?

Millennials refer to the young generation of people born between the years 1981 to 1996 i.e., people between the age of 24 and 39 as of 2020. This is the group of people who are in the best stages of their life, trying to make achievements, cross boundaries, and run forward in their life.

So what does this generation of millennials think about various insurance policies and agencies as a whole? Let’s find out!

Millennials make up about 22 percent of the US population and such a large number will have a great influence on the insurance agencies. Most of these people might not have a permanent address and will be on the run to make one for them.

Understanding the Millennial population

To connect insurance with millennials, first, we will have to understand the millennials. Millennials are the section of people that are motivated, have desires, likes to stay in motion all the time and less patient.

They are very entrepreneurial and are always in search of opportunities to earn money, more through business than office work. It means that they could be capable of buying insurance and paying premiums but necessarily may not have a stable income. Also in this digital era, about 90 percent of them spend a lot of time in the virtual world.

This calls for new ways of approach in terms of communication, plans, policies, etc. in the insurance sector.

How to connect with the millennials and create awareness about insurance

The majority of millennials in America do not give importance to insurance. A study of 2018 showed that even though millennials are at high risk, above 70 percent of them fall short of life insurance plans. Since millennials are getting married, having children, and buying homes much later than the previous generations, they are pushing away the insurance plans for later.

For the Millennials to buy insurance policies, they must first understand the importance and benefits of these insurance policies. For this, the insurance companies must find a way to communicate with them, grab their attention and offer services that will benefit them in the long run as well as in the present situation

Internet, mobile phones and Social media

An average American spends about 5.4 hours on their mobile phones and the time spent by the millennials is slightly higher. Millennials in America spend about 3 hours on social media according to the Global Web Index.

These numerical data tell us a lot about the millennials population and we can see that the best way to interact or approach them is through the internet or mobile phones. That’s a different trend when compared to the traditional method of visiting the office.

Insurance agencies must focus on creating ways to interact and provide services to the millennials through mobile applications, social media, etc. It is time-saving for both the agency and the customer and all the information will be available in one click. Data collection is also more convenient through this method.

So combining the latest technology and communication methods can boost the presence of insurance policies among the millennials

Demographical change

Millennials are people of technology, innovation, and extra energy. Young business owners are demanding a big digital change in the business insurance sector. It is estimated that by the end of 2020, millennials will own 60 percent of the small businesses in America.

These statistics tell that the insurance agents who wish to top in the insurance business should plan for what is to come and start adapting to the changing environment of innovations.

A different approach to insurance

Millennials are less likely to be engaged with insurers and would not encourage being approached by insurance agents. So the insurance agencies need to mold up a different method of targeting them.

The millennials wouldn’t want to be targeted the same way their parent and grandparents were targeted by the insurance agents. Also, they wouldn’t want the same products or services the agencies offered to the previous generations.

So insurance agents will need to put forward a genuine brand experience that respects their values, celebrates their individuality, and anticipate what they want.

Understanding their lifestyle and providing new insurance policies

Compared to the previous generations, millennials have a different lifestyle. This lifestyle must be understood in order to provide benefitting insurance policies to them. Most of the millennials

  • Live in rented apartments and won’t consider owning a home at an early age
  • Does not have a permanent job from morning to evening. Is likely to do multiple jobs and freelance work
  • Are more interested in starting a small business rather than office work
  • Are well educated but have debts to pay off.
  • Grew up in a techy world and spends a lot of time on the internet

To provide them with policies that benefit them, the insurance companies must move along the trend. Understanding the needs of the millennial population and providing them insurance policies accordingly will be benefiting for both the millennials and the insurance sector

RH Insurance agency is one such agency that is aimed at providing the best insurance plans to the millennials as well as to the other sections of the society in the US. This agency houses about 20 different insurance brands which make it easier to compare quotes. Moreover, this agency provides customized protection plans for you and your family, ensuring your peace of mind.


In order to move forward in life, changes must be made according to the trends. Millennials are the most enthusiastic people and the face changers of the future world. The insurance agencies must understand the lifestyle of this generation and how they work to keep their business running in the future.

Understanding the millennial population’s lifestyle and providing them insurance policies accordingly will offer a better way of living to these people and good business to the insurance sector. Technological innovations and the latest communicating options must be utilized to get the attention of the millennials. The millennials and insurance companies moving forward together will help to create a better world.


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