Retirement Planning 

We always hope for the best when we are on the road, but that doesn’t mean we should be unprepared for uncertainties.

Think long term – Choose Retirement Planning  

Do you remember, long back, one of the most stable sources of income was the pension fund? This pension was a precious security blanket and there was nothing like it. No matter how meager that used to be and how many times people compromised on almost all of the life choices because there was no backup income.

What is a retirement plan insurance? 

You can also call it a pension plan. This policy requires you to make easy financial contributions, known as annuities, while you can or investments in several funds, to ensure financial security post-retirement. Now that you are secured even when you are done with the office life, you can take some time to see the world out there.

    Annuities and how they work

    Annuities are a tool for guaranteed reliable income. It comes at a cost but there is nothing better than financial stability no matter what phase your life is going through. An annuity is a contract between an annuitant, the investor, and the insurance company. The investor contributes to the annuity in exchange for a guaranteed interest rate during the accumulation phase and also a predictable stream of income during the payout phase

    Fixed annuity

    Fixed annuity promises the buyer a certain interest rate on the contributions they make to the account. An investor can buy a fixed annuity with a series of payments over time of a one-time lump sum fee on a promise that the amount will garner a particular rate of interest. The insurance company starts paying out in phases after they calculate the amount of money in the account, the duration of the payments, the age of the investor. This is how the owner receives a fixed stream of income on an investment done before the retirement period

    Index annuity

    The interest rate in his category is based on the specified market index. Unlike the fixed annuity there is no fixed rate of interest. An index annuity is also popular as fixed-indexed annuities or equity-indexed annuities. The earning potential here is higher than the fixed ones but also involved elements of market risk

    Why invest in Annuities?

    You understand that life is not going to be the same. A lifelong commitment to your career might have bestowed you with all things good, but you need to explore more than your office. When you decide to take that leap, it becomes necessary that the financial shortage doesn’t make things go sour. Annuities do that for you. You will always have a source of income to count on and the safety net will secure your future

    Financial security is something that no one wants to compromise on. Every investment that you make counts for a better tomorrow and we understand how important that is. Our partnership with the best-rated insurance offering companies will make sure that your investment stays secure and there are no hiccups for the future. Our assistants are always here to help. Give us a call and we will answer all of your queries today.