Worker’s Compensation Insurance

Accidents happen. As an employer,  you have the responsibility to reduce risk and provide monetary insurance packages to your workers. 

Worker’s Compensation Insurance

Imagine a normal working day at your workplace. Everything is going fine until it is not. One of your employees has been in an accident while he/she was at work. As an employer, you have tried everything to make the working conditions safe and sound, but nevertheless, an unfortunate event has occurred. This incident, as minor as it may be, will bring with it a possible lawsuit. To cope with such situations, a proactive employer will invest in a worker’s compensation insurance which will allow you to:

  • Compensate an injured worker and foot his medical bills and in exchange protect you from a lawsuit
  • In case the employee dies due to the injury sustained during the job, his kith and kin will receive the compensation, saving the employer from a possible lawsuit

Why Get Worker’s Compensation Insurance

The Worker’s compensation insurance provides a safety net not only for the employer but also for the employee. Here is what a good policy can help you with:

  • Medical coverage: this coverage will include visits to a doctor, medicine or any other kind of medical treatment.
  • Disability: If due to the accident, a worker is unable to work and thereby loses his income, the insurance coverage will make sure that a portion of his salary is reimbursed to him
  • Rehabilitation: If, due to the accident, a worker is not fit to join his previous job. The coverage will ensure that a new skill is taught.
  • Benefits in case of serious fatalities: If and when an employee dies due to the injuries sustained during the job, the benefits are transferred to the spouse or children of the employee.

Worker’s compensation insurance has got you covered from the ambulance ride to physical therapy. It will take care of medical expenses, compensation from fatal injuries, missed wages or lawsuits arising out of the accident.

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