Warehouse and Storage Insurance

Warehouse and storage insurance

Businesses have to be ready to meet the ever-fluctuating supply and demand needs. Storage and warehousing is the best option to keep the supply chain running. Businesses spend a fortune on the maintenance of these facilities, and any accident or calamity can be a huge setback for the operations and leave you with a hefty bill.

Our comprehensive warehouse and storage insurance policies can help you safeguard your warehouse and storage facilities. We are here with our premiere insurers and coverages that can keep you going, no matter what.

Warehousing and storage facilities need protection against the unexpected. The diverse risk factors including fire, flood, and theft can not only impact the business, but it will have a direct effect on your customers too.

There are liability risks associated with the injury to customers and staff. You can end up paying for hefty damages which in most cases is of the limits. To protect people, goods in transit, and the overall investment, an insurance policy is the best solution.

Types of coverages

Each policy can cater to a definite set of coverage and we can help you draft a package that covers most of your requirements

Property coverage

This policy will help you cover the property against any damage caused by fire, smoke, weather, Roof collapse, missing items, or an act of vandalism. You will also have protection in case of a fall or injury to a customer on the vendor on your property. The medical bills will be covered by general liability insurance.

Legal Liability Coverage

When you house a customer’s product, there is a contract that demands utmost care in exchange for a nominal fee. Any damage to the goods can be held against you and your business will be liable for such losses. Legal Liability coverage will cover the cost of the damages.

Workers Compensation Coverage

This coverage will cover the medical bills of the employees associated directly with the warehouse functioning. Your employees will be having a safety net in case of an injury on the premises. The insurance can also help pay the benefits to the family in any case of injuries resulting in a fatality.

Business Interruption and dishonesty coverage

In a case, if the operations are suspended on the current facility, the coverage kicks in to cover the loss to the business.

If any employee violates the work regulations, harming the company in the process, the insurance will cover for the damages.

Equipment breakdown

Warehouses and storage units accommodate heavy machinery for lifting and assembly. Any malfunction can result in a financial strain. The coverage will help you repair or replace the machinery whenever the need arises.



Our policies are carefully drafted as per your requirements to cover your business needs. We have the best claim support and our team makes it a priority to guide you to help you make an informed decision.

Our well-experienced team has been serving numerous businesses so far and we are glad to assist you to get a policy that suits you the best. Feel free to contact us with any queries or support.


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