Restaurant Insurance

A dynamic environment like a restaurant requires an all inclusive general Restaurant Insurance.

Restaurant Insurance

Restaurants offer services that are not only important but also exposed to a wide variety of risks. Ranging from kitchen fires to food poisoning, a small mishap can lead to a lawsuit. Multitudes of people frequent a restaurant that opens the doors to different types of risks, and it is imperative for a restaurant owner to proactively deal with such contingencies. One of the best ways to do so is to invest in robust restaurant insurance which will ensure that your business is safeguarded if at all such mishaps occur.

  A good restaurant policy can make sure that your business is trouble-free, and your finances stand steady. Here is what restaurant insurance policy covers

  • Fire and other disasters: A good policy provides coverage against perils such as fire, storms, floods etc.
  • Theft: Restaurant insurance may provide coverage against theft or housebreaking.
  • Liquidity coverage: Refers to the coverage against money present on the premises of the restaurant at the time of peril. This coverage will also include bank drafts, cheques or other highly liquid promissory notes.
  • Equipment: The insurance policy covers equipment such as computers, printers, etc. against an unfortunate incident.
  • General liability: The insurance policy provides coverage against lawsuits protecting the business from alleged injuries or property damage that may occur.
  • Commercial property: A restaurant insurance may help cover the site of business against possible perils.
  • Income coverage: The insurance will also cover losses when the business isn’t operational as a result of property damage.
  • Liquor liability coverage: The insurance will offer coverage against possible accidents which may be caused due to the actions of a person intoxicated in your premises
  • Restaurant insurance will ensure the smooth functioning of business by protecting it against possible losses. The coverage will also ensure that the personal finances of the proprietors are left safe and sound if and when any contingency occurs.

 Each restaurant is different and so are the insurance needs. The type of insurance required by your business will vary according to the type of restaurant one operates and the kind of services a business offers. That is why we have a team of specialists who will go out of their way to understand your needs. Our agents understand the industry and can tailor-make a policy fit for your needs and requirements. Our agents are well aware of the local and state regulations involved in the business. Hence, we will ensure that your coverage is adequate and not overdone. Our robust customer support will also make sure that all of your queries are dealt with on time.

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