Office Insurance

Office Insurance

So you are running your business successfully, great job! You are taking care of your staff; your clients are satisfied, and you are competitive in your niche!

But has the thought of an event where your business might face a lawsuit, even if you have done nothing wrong?

Uninsured business spaces can be brought to their knees with a fake allegation or even an unforeseen event like a disaster or personal injury. This is why Office Insurance matters!

Who needs Office Insurance?

If you are leasing an office space, you are required to acquire a proper policy to cover the office and its contents against any liability claims. If you are working from home as a contractor, your general home insurance is most likely not going to cover the home office.

If you own a small business, you can get a customized insurance policy as per your requirements. Contractors such as digital marketers, graphic designers, office professionals, or developers can benefit from our Office insurance policies.

It is time to protect yourself against any mishap by getting our best office insurance package policy.


Office Insurance in a glance

Property damage, theft, and potential lawsuits need adequate coverage to ensure financial security in the long run. Our comprehensive office insurance policy provides a complete solution that will keep your office property guarded against the financial risk of fire, water damage, machinery breakdown, burglary, or employee accidents. Here is the kind of coverage you are looking at:

Disasters:  The policy provided by us will secure the office contents and the business premises against lightning, flood, explosion, storm, fire, aircraft damage, etc.

Theft:  Get a full cover against housebreaking or burglary for the office equipment and contents.

Money insurance:  The policy will offer coverage against loss of money in safe and transit.

Signage & fittings:  The policy protects against damage to hoardings, neon signs, sanitary fittings, and the fixed glass.

Breakdowns:  The office insurance policy provides coverage against mechanical and electrical breakdowns.

Data loss:  The policy offers coverage against loss of data-carrying material and electric installations.

Accident coverage:  This policy offers personal accident coverage to you and your office employees, including accidental death or bodily injuries.

Property loss:  You will be compensated against lost baggage while traveling on official purposes, and there is coverage against the dishonesty of employees.

Employee liability:  The policy covers liabilities towards employees and third parties.

Relocation costs:  You will be covered against additional rent in case of a temporary relocation due to any insured peril striking at current office premises.

Lawsuits:  With the liability coverage, you can ensure protection against lawsuits arising from an injury to any visitor. If you are sued for damages, the policy will kick in to cover the court expenses and the judgment costs.


We have a track record of providing tailor-made office insurance policy with best claim support. Our team can help you procure comprehensive policies in minimum time with maximum benefits. Feel free to contact our dedicated customer service support team for assistance against any query.

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