Medical Service Insurance

Medical Service Insurance

Most of your patients have a health insurance plan for financial stability in an event of major illness. Do you have insurance for your medical services against liabilities?

If not, do it now. Medical service insurance policy will keep you covered against fire, equipment malfunction, theft and so much more. Together, we can craft a policy that meets your specific needs to keep you safe and secure for any contingency.


Why get a Medical Service Insurance?

Medical services are susceptible to property damages, liability lawsuits, and cyber-attacks. It is mandatory to cover your business against these risks. Each medical service insurance policy will cover you against any mishaps and keep you from a non-recovering financial strain.

Our policies will cover your specific business needs and provide you with a safety net like no other.

What to expect from Medical Service Insurance?

You can get considerable benefits to safeguard your business from any unexpected mishaps. Our Medical Service Insurance will help you take care of:

Commercial Property Coverage

Your business premises are crucial, and no business can thrive without properly securing their business space. The Medical Service Insurance will cover your property against any damage caused due to fire, storm, and any act of vandalism. Any expense for the repair of the property content will be covered by the policy

General Liability Coverage

Medical services are more prone to lawsuits and each lawsuit can drain a good amount of financial security. The Medical Service Insurance policy will kick in to cover for the legal fee by providing you with a lawyer. Settlement expenses are also borne by the policy itself keeping your business shielded against any loss.

Business Income Coverage

In any case, if a mishap forces you to temporarily shut the services, the insurance will cover the income interruption. If you have to temporarily relocate to continue the services due to unavoidable circumstances, the insurance will cover for the rent and relocation expenses.

Equipment breakdown coverage

Medical equipment is a huge investment. Your business depends on these and any damage to the equipment can be a huge financial blow. The Medical Service Insurance will cover for the repair and replacement expenses of the equipment to keep business shielded against loss.

Data compromise Coverage

As a medical service provider, you are entrusted with data of hundreds of patients. In any case, if the data security is breached, the policy will cover for the damages and will reimburse the costs associated with notifying the patients, recovering the damaged data, and offering credit-monitoring services.

Additional Products:

You can additionally invest in these business insurance products

  • Crime insurance – Will protect the facility against loss and damage
  • Surety Bonds– Meet the surety bond requirement for your medical service facility
  • Umbrella liability- You can extend the business coverage over the normal liability coverage.

We are the preferred insurance partners to multiple businesses, and we understand that one policy does not suit all. Our tailor-made policies cover your needs specifically to keep you afloat in times of uncertainty.

We have partnered with premier insurance houses to provide you with the best available insurance policies. Our claim support is unmatched, and our team will guide you through the process knowledgeably and empathetically. Feel free to reach our customer care support team for any query or assistance.  

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