Liqour Liability Insurance

We always hope for the best when we are on the road, but that doesn’t mean we should be unprepared for uncertainties.

Liquor Liability Insurance

Owning a business that sells liquor can be profitable. But the business also involves an element of unexpected risk.  Most businesses rely on commercial general liability insurance also known as CGL. This policy covers you against all kinds of liabilities, but it has an exclusion clause that talks about liquor liability. That means it won’t cover any claim about the liquor liability. Whatever is excluded in the CGL is covered by the liquor liability insurance.

Why Liquor Liability Insurance?

A liquor liability insurance covers almost all of the liquor-related claims. This insurance covers the damages against the insured firms that are caused by any reason including selling, furnishing or serving any kind of alcoholic beverage. This can include any damages from careless behavior, fights or even automobile accidents.


It might make sense suing the person who caused these damages but the organization who served the liquor is held responsible as well. Your organization can be sued for exorbitant amounts. Here is what a typical liquor liability insurance cover:

  • Personal injuries
  • Property damages
  • Defense fees
  • Court fees


Why us?

If a man leaves your store, intoxicated, hit somebody causing vehicular manslaughter, the person will be sued, and your organization will be held responsible as well. The million-dollar lawsuits are something that no organization can afford out of its profits. It wrecks the financial situation.

We understand how important it is to safeguard a business from these unexpected losses. That is why we help you carve a policy that can cover your liabilities. Our liquor liability policy makes sure that your business is least bothered with any ensuing lawsuit.

 Our process is extremely simple. Al you have to do is fill a form and our associates will take care of the rest. We are passionate about what serves you the best. Our policies are empowered with a flexible payment mode. Your budget will be taken care of. Call us and avail the best liquor liability insurance policy.

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