Landlord Liability Insurance

Issues related to properties are often hectic and costly. A Landlord Liability Insurance covers for incidents occurred on your property. 

Landlord Liability Insurance

Being a landlord can be rewarding financially. But is not an easy task. There is a thin line between being a real estate success and getting into a financial nightmare. To keep track of positive, it is very essential to avoid cutting the corners or skipping anything mandatory. For example, opting for landlord liability insurance. The entire point of this insurance is to keep you on track and help you keep the property-owning game on point.

Why Get A Landlord Liability Insurance

This particular insurance policy provides you with a safety cover. In includes everything from the typical homeowner’s insurance policy. But it also protects you on some other fronts that can be very crucial

  • Tenant damage: This covers any type of damage to your property by the tenant or any of the guests from the time when you were renting out. If the tenant trashes the place or simply fails to make the repairs that he/she was obliged to before moving out, this insurance kicks in and covers for the owner.
  • Uninhabitability: This is a severe case of damage wherein the place becomes unhabitable. The insurance helps cover all the expenses.
  • Tenant Injury: If any untoward incident happens to the tenant or any of his guests on your property and the tenant can prove in the court that it was caused due to your negligence or your failure to maintain the place, you can be sued heavy. This insurance will cover that for you

    Why Choose RH Insurance?

    We work in collaboration with leading insurance providers. Our passionate and experienced agents can evaluate your needs and draft a fine policy that can cater to all of your needs. Our policies will cover

    • Tenant injuries
    • Security of the tenants
    • Unlawful behavior of tenants
    • General liability
    • Inflation protection
    • Fair rental value coverage
    • Personal injury protection
    • Lock replacement

    We offer a flexible payment process that allows you to spread out your payments as you deem fit- Monthly or quarterly. Our processes are simple and easy to understand. We will make you go through each policy thoroughly while continuously assisting you to understand anything you want help with. We can offer discounts if you choose to get multiple policies with us. Our policies are customized according to your requirements because we believe that one size cannot fit all. Here is what you will be looking at with the landlord liability insurance:

    • Monthly payment options
    • Responsive support for your claims
    • Tailored coverage
    • Fast and very simple
    • Knowledge agents

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