Hotel Insurance

Hotel Insurance

A home away from home, hotels today are more than just a place of lodging. With a crisp focus on deliverables, it may be a huge financial blow for the proprietors and managers to cope up with major or minor unforeseen incidents, disrupting the very functioning of the hotel.

If you own one, you would know that each mishap means a direct loss, and therefore a loss in a business growth opportunity. We understand the degree of investment you make, both emotional and financial, and we are here to secure it all for you.

Why get hotel insurance?

If you own a hotel, you must invest in good policy to get maximum coverage against any possible contingencies. Our standard hotel insurance can offer comprehensive coverage against mishaps like earthquakes, theft, and damage to property. In addition to that, our comprehensive hotel insurance will offer you the following coverages:

Property Coverage

A peril such as an earthquake or fire may lead to loss of business, hotel insurance will make sure that such indirect losses are taken care of.

Equipment Coverage

Any electrical or mechanical breakdown of equipment such as computers, printers, photocopiers, and Air conditioners will come under the purview of comprehensive hotel insurance. Portable gadgets such as mobile phones and tablets which can break under an impact are covered under hotel insurance.

Theft and Financial Frauds

Theft of money during a robbery, burglary, and housebreaking or loss of money during transit is covered. Also, loss of money caused because of fraudulent employees also comes under the ambit of hotel insurance.

Lost baggage Coverage

Many-a-times, guests misplace or lose their baggage during their stay. Such loss or damage will also be covered under hotel insurance

Medical Liability Coverage

Hotel insurance will also cover any legal liability to pay, including medical costs incurred due to an accident or any damage to a third party on the premises of a hotel. In any case if the food eaten at the in-house eatery in a hotel leads to health complications such as food poisoning, hotel insurance may offer coverage against such liability.    

Worker’s compensation coverage

Many-a-times, hotel insurance will also provide a “workers compensation” coverage under which an employee who is injured at the job will become a recipient of compensation.

Data Security coverage

The data management systems of a hotel can be breached, or the data may be leaked. This can open the hotel up to a lawsuit. Hotel insurance will protect against internet-related losses.


We have thoroughgoing experience in the field of insurance. Our experts make sure that we stay in touch with the fluctuating trends of the world of hospitality. We know how dearly you value your business and we do our homework before devising an apt policy of your business.

Our team of experts are always at your beck and call and will ensure that your claims are processed with great efficiency. The faith that our clients put behind us is of utmost importance to us and we make sure that we live up to their expectations. 



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