Group Health Insurance

If you have many employees or if are a part of an organizational unity, a Group health Insurance is the smarted way to get insurance coverage.  

Group Health Insurance

Building a successful business includes hard work and dedication. Maintaining that success takes a lot more than that. It involves taking care of the employees to retain more of the skill set. Good health insurance is the first step towards that. It is fundamental for a business to provide medical insurance. This gives the employees a sense of safety and thereby enhances their productivity. Irrespective of the size of the business, providing secure health coverage should be a priority.

Why Get Group Insurance Policy?

Group Health Insurance provides healthcare coverage to a group of people. It is mostly chosen by firms to secure their employees. This policy can be customized by the firm or can be chosen from a pre-planned set of available policies. This policy is beneficial to both the employees as well as employers.

How Do You Benefit?

Employees remain motivated: In times like these, where medical care prices are skyrocketing, proving medical insurance can help boost morale by giving a sense of security

  • Retention of employees: With almost every firm trying to adopt the employee-centric approach, one of the key benefits is health insurance. better the health insurance, higher us the retention
  • Cost is low: buying in bulk always means getting higher discounts. The employee gets it in an extremely affordable way
  • Easy payment options: The employer can opt for a quarterly, yearly payment system as is deemed for.
  • Tax benefits: Investing in a health insurance policy means a reduction in tax liability.


What’s In It For The Employees?

  • Insurance cost: The members get “auto Cover” because they are a part of the insured group
  • Institutional support: The cost of many policies is sometimes out of the reach. Getting included in a group ensures an easy and inexpensive enrollment.
  • No medical checkup: In a group medical insurance, there is no need to submit reports or go for individual screening
  • Maternity leave: Maternity expenses are covered by the medical insurance from day one
  • No waiting: The claim does not require any waiting period. You can get yourself covered in any case from day 1.


We offer customized group health insurance plans to cater to your specific needs. We understand that good health insurance is one of the best investments. Our policies cater to two broad segments

  • Individual and family plans: This is usually purchased by the individuals to protect themselves and their families
  • Small Business/ group plans: The wide umbrella insurance policy which covers all the employees working in a firm.


Easy On The Budget

  • We can help you with flexible payment options to ease the burden.
  • Our monthly payment options help you with a spread-out payment plan and it can assist you better in managing your cash flow in a rhythm
  • We help you cover the health insurance needs of temporary as well as full-time employees
  • Our active approach will help you ensure a seamless claiming process

Our agents are passionate about what they do. With their knowledge and proactive approach, we can help you with an insurance policy that is an exact fit as per your needs.

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