Dental Business Insurance

Dental Business Insurance

Dental office owners know that the commitment to facilitate the best patient-care practice requires a good investment. You will be looking at state-of-the-art equipment, a comfortable space, well-trained staff, and much more.

Any risk to these assets can significantly decelerate your dental business progress. Dental practice owners require the right coverage to protect the assets as well as compensate for accidents.

Our insurance policies provide comprehensive coverage to protect the business from any possible setbacks. We will provide you with a policy that offers complete coverage based on the thorough evaluation of your business.

Our key Coverages

We provide policies that cover every aspect of your dental practice business. They all play a major role in securing your business against losses, allegations, or damages.

General liability coverage

This coverage will cover unexpected mishaps. You will have a safety net if your practice is held liable for loss or damage to third-party property, including the breakage to purchased dentures.

If a visitor or patient slips or falls, and it results in an on-premise injury, General liability Coverage will kick in to cover for the medical bills. You will also have financial support to pay for legal fees or other damages. The claim limits and deductible limits vary as per the policy.

Equipment coverage

The valuable office equipment including dental vacuum systems, X-Ray machines, Cabinet mounted X-ray machines, and computer imaging systems will be backed up for replacement or repair under this coverage.

This specialized coverage will facilitate payments for repair in case a machine malfunctions. The deductible and maximum payout limit varies for this coverage, as per the policy.

Property Coverage

This coverage will pay for repair and replacement of the structure present on the premises. In case of any damages by any peril, outlined by the policy, you will have financial support for contents including, computers, supplies, equipment, and furniture.

The replacement or repair will be borne by the policy. You will be also covered against acts of vandalism, storm, and fire.

Data Compromise Coverage

Identity theft can be a serious business consequence, and often businesses can’t afford this setback. The data compromise coverage can be obtained additionally to cover for the damages resulting from loss or damage to the electronic records.

The policy will reimburse the costs associated with notifying the patients, recovering the damaged data, and offering credit-monitoring services.

Additional coverages

Besides the key coverage, our policies can facilitate additional coverages to keep your businesses safe and secure

Employment practices liability coverage

If your dental office employee’s multiple people, this coverage can keep you shielded against any lawsuits filed by the current or former employees.

Business interruption coverage

Due to any unavoidable circumstances, if the business requires to be temporarily shut, the insurance can reimburse for the loss of profit.

Business auto coverage

This additional coverage can cover the damage to the dental practice’s vehicles.

Malpractice Insurance

The coverage kicks in to protect the business from legal claims arising out of professional errors.

We are known for our comprehensive coverage policies and each policy is crafted following a meticulous evaluation of the existing business practice. We can put together a package that can fully protect your dental practice from unexpected damages.

You can reach out to our dedicated customer service support to know more about dental business insurance policies.

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