Commercial Auto Insurance

More vehicles, more profits, but also more risk! A commercial Auto Insurance protects your company from road related risks! 

Commercial Auto Insurance

If your business owns vehicles to carry out day-to-day business operations, it is imperative to invest in commercial automobile insurance to protect the automobile from theft, accident or any other type of damage. Commercial auto insurance will not only cover multiple vehicles, but it also covers medical expenses and third-party property damage.

Commercial Auto Insurance Coverage

Types of coverage provided by commercial auto insurance;

  • Third-party property damage or physical injuries.
  • Medical bills related to the accident.
  • Comprehensive coverage for damage repair.
  • Collision coverage to repair the vehicle if and when the vehicle is involved in a collision of any sort.
  • It will protect the owner in case an uninsured operator of the vehicle injures a co-passenger or another driver.

A business owner must invest in a good commercial auto-insurance because an operator’s insurance might not be effective for company-owned vehicles. Thus it is important for a business owner to ensure that during an unforeseen event, they have coverage to meet the barrage of expenses that come with an accident, disaster or vandalism.

Why RHA Insurance?

We understand that a standard policy might not work for all. Every business differs and so do their requirements. We believe that the policies need to be customized as per the needs and requirements of the client. Therefore, we make sure to hear your requirements carefully to provide the best coverage options for you. 

Pick A Plan That Suits Your Budget

Commercial auto insurance is invariably inexpensive. With the help of professional experts, we will aid you in finding the best blend of price vs coverage specifically for your business. This way, we will ensure that you get maximum benefits and do not burn the hole in your pocket while doing so.

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