Church Insurance

Church Insurance


Churches are an epitome of benevolence as they help create a moral balance in our societies. They act as an abode to many indigent members of the community. Such places focus on the colossal and paramount tasks that they perform and shouldn’t have to worry about contingencies arising now and then.  As you continue focusing on your faith, we will focus on you. We are hosting numerous policyholders by protecting their organizations and we are proud to do it for you.

Why do you need insurance?

Many places of worship are at a receiving end of unfortunate events like Arson, theft, and vandalism. In events such as these, church insurance ensures that the place of worship is safeguarded.

From equipment breakdown to alarm upgrade, church insurance takes care of it all. Many times, a malfunction such as utility services interruption may lead to the closure of the religious place for a day or two. This will cause a loss of extra income. Church insurance makes sure that if at such contingencies arise, the church is taken care of.

What does the Church insurance cover?

Liability Coverage

Standard church insurance includes liability coverage which takes care of any ill-fated incident occurring in the church premises.  The liability insurance of this nature doesn’t limit itself to the church premises, it goes well beyond that. It covers the church members, employees, officials, staff, and volunteers.

Fire damage Coverage

Religious properties including churches are prone to fire-related damages. Malfunction in heating equipment, arson, candles, and faulty electrical wiring is the most common causes. Church insurance will cover the damage and related liabilities including the rent for a temporary space, loss of income due to cancellation of activities, etc.

Slips and Falls

Medical expenses of injuries occurring in an established religious are covered under church insurance, regardless of the party at fault. Slips and falls are common in church premises, A church insurance will save the church from incurring any direct or indirect losses by covering such eventualities.


Theft and burglary

Churches are common targets of burglary and theft. This causes financial loss to the church property. Our church insurance covers items of great value including stained glass, religious artifacts, and other possessions of financial value.


Misconduct can cause a huge financial blow in the form of legal liabilities If any of the employees is found involved in any kind of misconduct, the liability coverage of the church insurance policy kicks in to protect the church and its members.


With the advancement of the internet, the hassles have reduced but cyber-crimes against places of worship have also increased. Church insurance has evolved over time and now covers untoward happenings with regards to cyber-attacks.

Acts of vandalism

To gel with the community and increase their relevance, churches stay connected to people with many activities. Any mishap during a church event may put the church in an unpleasant situation. Church insurance takes care of such an uninviting state of affairs. Any property damaged on a mission trip or a Pastor’s personal property – A church insurance covers it all!


With so many years of experience, we not only know what we are doing but we love doing it! Our team of experts understands the changing trends in business operations. They know the importance of partnership and that’s exactly the principle they hold dear. We understand the dangers of being under-covered and the burden of being over-covered.

Here at RH insurances, our customer service is unmatched. We are always ready to answer your queries in the minimum lead time. We take pride in our fair handling of claims and ensure that our experts are always easy to reach.



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