Business Insurance

Great, you have your business up and running! The excitement can sometimes make us blind to the risks involved. Get a business insurance to be on the safe side.

Is your Business covered in case of disaster?

Business Insurance secures your personal and business assets during unexpected catastrophes. If you own a business, be ready to avoid the unforeseen costs that add up due to natural disasters, accidents, and lawsuits.



Do not risk your business just because you did not secure it with a comprehensive business insurance policy. We are here to provide you a shield with our best coverage policies.

Why get Business Insurance?

Financial losses, risks, and hazards can come knocking at any time. Business insurance will keep you safe from the unexpected and Keeps your regard high among investors.

Risk Management

Our comprehensive business insurance policy will cover your business property and assets against damages and losses.

Third-Party Liability

Our insurance policy kicks in to cover any third-party liabilities arising out of injures or any kind of harm.

Natural hazard Safety

In case of floods, storms, the business insurance policy will cover the damages suffered by your property damages.

Lawsuit Cover

In case of any legal proceedings initiated against your business, the insurance policy will cover the legal and settlement expenses.

Copyright security

A business insurance policy will provide your business protection against any liabilities for advertisement.

Policies that we offer

At RH Insurance, we provide a host of business insurance plans that are suited for every kind of business. You can call us at any time and our team of professionals will guide you in picking the best tailored for your business.

Professional liability Insurance

The professional liability insurance, also known as E & O (errors and omissions) insurance, provides insurance cover to your business against any harm caused out of carelessness or bad advice. If your business offers services or constancy services, professional liability insurance is a must-have.

Home-based Business insurance

If you are working from home, our insurance policy can provide coverage to your home-based business against liabilities or damages. Homeowners’ insurance does not provide coverage for home businesses.

Product Liability Insurance

If you are into selling and manufacturing goods, this policy will cover you for any loss or damage to the goods or legal issues due to impaired products.

Vehicle Insurance

The policy covers business vehicles against any costs due to an accident. The vehicle however should have safety insurance in place.

Worker’s compensation

This insurance will safeguard your employees from health emergency costs. Worker’s compensation insurance also boosts the morale of your workforce. The policyholders will be getting benefits in case of death, disability, or therapeutic care.

Business interruption insurance

In case of any unexpected hazard or incident, which may force you to suspend the business activities, the insurance kicks in to cover for the losses. You can also get benefits in case you decide to relocate temporarily because of property loss.

Property insurance

In case of theft, loss, or damage to the business property, Property insurance covers the expenses required to set up again. This insurance can benefit both owned and rented business properties. You will be having a cover for all furniture, appliances, and other interior additions. Property insurance policy guards your business against costs incurred from theft, storm, or fire damages.

We have been serving thousands of businesses and we understand that each business has its own insurance requirements. Our policies are crafted as per the need and each policy is tailored to comprehensively cover the business to avoid any losses.

We partner with the most premiere insurance houses to keep you and your business safe. In case of any query, feel free to contact our customer service team and you will be guided by the best.

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