Auto Dealers Insurance

Vehicles are an auto dealer’s investments, be it used or new. An Auto Dealer’s Insurance cover for damages to your investment. 

As An Auto Dealer, Insurance Is Critical

There are huge risks and liabilities involved in Auto dealerships. Protection from liabilities and risks is one of the major concerns of such businesses. Being a huge investment, auto dealers need a comprehensive business solution that can safeguard their financial interests and keep them sailing even if it gets rough out there.


Why Get An Auto Dealers Insurance

To cover the risks involved in the auto dealership business, it is vital to opt for a comprehensive insurance policy. How many times have you heard of a theft, a fire or any untoward incidents happening to somebody’s business? A lot! We think it won’t happen to us unless it does.

If someone breaks in your showroom or some of your inventory is accidentally burned in a fire, it will be up to you to compensate for the loss. This is where the insurance policy kicks in. A good auto dealership policy will compensate on your behalf and it has can cover other things as well:

  • Property damage
  • Bodily injury
  • Covers garage owned autos
  • Covers non-owned autos
  • Covers hired auto
  • Covers the temporary substitute autos
  • Covers newly acquired autos

    Why RHA Insurance?

    There is an inherent liability with any business. Initially, the loss had to be borne by the owner. Now we have insurance policies that cover the liabilities for us. We understand that it might have involved a fortune to establish a business this costly. A showroom is worth a lot of money considering the products it houses costs millions.

    We make sure that you are covered with a good insurance policy which gives you comprehensive coverage as per your needs. We can help customize a policy for you.

    What Policies Do RHA Insurance Offer?

    There are a lot of dealership policies that can help cover the liabilities for an auto dealer. Some of the policies that we work with are:

    1. The general liability
    2. The employment practices liability insurance
    3. Errors and omissions insurance
    4. Business Income Insurance
    5. Workers compensation
    6. Garage keeper’s liability
    7. Garage liability.

    If you are interested in safeguarding your business against all-natural and man-made calamities, we are here for you. We will assist you with a policy that will cover it all. You do not have to worry about the future of your business in terms of damage compensation. Call us and we will help you out.

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