7 reasons why a life insurance plan is a great investment

August 18, 2020


RHI Agency Team

7 reasons why a life insurance plan is a great investment

Insurance has definitely changed people’s lives for the better. It offers risk protection and enables us to have a more confident lifestyle. There are many types of insurance plans and a lot more insurance companies in all of America aimed at providing a better life to the citizens.

Even though there a variety of insurance plans, like health insurance, motor insurance, business insurance, etc. in this topic we will be discussing life insurance and why it is a great investment for securing the future of your family.

Life Insurance and why it’s a great investment plan

Life insurance can be defined as an official contract between the person applying for the insurance and the company, in which the company is entitled to pay a lump sum amount to your family or beneficiary upon the person’s demise. This lump sum amount is paid in return for premium payments made by the person while he is alive.

The US has a population of above 331 million and a large portion of people are not able to secure the future of their family. Most of them live in fear of what may come of tomorrow. In such a case having life insurance is the best way to secure one’s present and future.

Knowing that you are creating an investment for your family will help you lead a better and tension free life. Also even in your absence, life insurance will help your family have a good life and meet their needs like college fees, repayment of loans, wedding expenses, etc.

7 reasons why

The needs and requirements of every family or person will be different, and so will be the reasons for applying for life insurance.

1.     A protective net for your loved ones

This is one of the main reasons for buying life insurance. In families where there is only one earning member, the whole family depends on him/her for their survival.

In such cases, you don’t want your family to suffer in your absence.

A life insurance plan in your name will ensure smooth survival for your family and can provide money for kid’s education marriage and meet the daily expenses of the family.

2.     Paying off debts

Most people living in the US have mortgages, loans, and other financial liabilities. According to Forbes only 29 percent of the Americans consider themselves financially healthy during 2019. This might have only worsened this year due to the pandemic.

Having life insurance at this time allows you to rest peacefully knowing that the debts you have will be paid off even in your absence and your family will not have to suffer. The insurance amount will pay all your debts off, just make sure that you have availed the right plan for you and your family

3.     A way of income in your retirement age

Even though life insurance is meant to be paid after death, there are some life insurance plans which will provide a daily income in your retirement.

These plans will help you to manage your monthly expenses including medicinal needs.

In order to get the best plans apt for your needs, make sure that you contact a good insurance company.

There are many insurance agencies in the whole of the US and not every one of them will care for you. Agencies like RH Insurance Agency are aimed at providing the best service to people and will help you choose the perfect plan to make your life better.

4.     A way to safeguard your business

Life insurance and its benefits are not just limited to a person and his/her family. There are many plans which can help you safeguard your business in its early stages.

There are plans in which the nominees of a dead business partner can receive an insurance amount from the existing partners and not the stake.

Such plans can ensure safety to the nominees and the business as well.

5.     Tax benefits

Having insurance not only secures your future but also provides some economic benefits in the present. One of them is reduced or exception from some of the taxes.

There are a lot of benefits under the 80C and Sec 10(10)D of the Income Tax Act which grants a lot of tax benefits to people who have availed a loan.

Tax exemptions and deductions mean more money to save, which in result can lead to a better lifestyle for you and your family.

6.     Don’t let age become a factor

No matter how healthy a lifestyle you had, age will take a toll on your body and life. After a certain age, every person will have to retire from their normal life and also will begin to experience health issues.

Having certain life insurance plans will help you pass through this stage smoothly. The insurance plans will provide for your daily expenses and, health-related treatments. Invest while you are young and healthy and reap its benefits at your old age, when you need it the most.

7.     Another step towards a peaceful life

We all are humans and what makes our life beautiful is the fact that it will end at some point. Death is inevitable and the best anyone can do is enjoy the time they have with less tension and more happiness. 

Having an insurance plan means you and your family’s future is secure. That is a lot less to worry about in life. A secured future will help you enjoy your life, be happier, reduces your worry about the future, and help you have a peaceful good night’s sleep every day.

Such positive energy will have a lot of good effects on you and your people both emotionally and physically which in turn will help you make the most of the time you have.  


A secured future for you and your family is the best investment you can have. Having a good insurance plan will help you secure your future as well as have a better present. So make sure that you and your family are properly and adequately insured.

If you are someone who has not availed any insurance and knows very little about it, don’t worry. Waste no time and contact RH Insurance Agency and they will fill you in with all that needs to be known. Have a good day! 

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