5 Insurance Policies Everyone Should Have!

May 25, 2021


RHI Agency Team

Insurance is very important as it offers peace of mind against unexpected problems that arise in life. The most important things to everyone are their life, home health, and work. Insurance helps us to secure these important things and move forward in life without any fear any tensions.

Insurance does not come free and has a cost. But in the long run, it gives us financial security and happiness, which are two very important things that anyone would kill for.

There are a wide variety of insurance policies available to us provided by different insurance agencies. Let us find out which are the most important policies among them.

1.      Life Insurance

Life insurance must be an important part of your financial plan. Life insurance is one of the best ways to ensure that your family will stay protected even after death. It is a comfort for the person supporting his/her family to know that their family will be protected even in their absence.

If you are a family man, life insurance can pay for your debts, replace lost income, pay for your child’s education, etc. And in case you are single, this policy will help you to pay for your burial costs or any debts left behind and will help you die with dignity.

The eligibility to buy the life insurance policy mainly depends on your health and age. The healthier and younger you are the lower the premium will be. So it is always recommended to buy life insurance at a younger age itself.

While buying a life insurance policy, many factors must be considered like your annual income, job security, your expense, etc. Failure in timely payment of the premiums may result in a lot of problems while availing the insurance.

There are different types of life insurance policies available like term insurance, level insurance, universal life insurance, etc. make sure that you understand the benefits of each one and choose the best one for you.

1.      Health Insurance

Health is something that we can’t put value on. Health issues are rising in our society and affecting people a lot physically, mentally, and financially irrespective of their age.

Health issues for you or any family member will have a direct impact on your income and savings. In such cases, health insurance is a necessity and will protect you and your family from going bankrupt. This policy can be bought for an individual or the whole family.

Having this policy will help a person pay for the medical and hospitalization expenses (mentioned in the policy) for him and his family. A recent study showed about 67% of the participants felt that medical expenses led to their bankruptcy.

Some health insurance policies also cover vaccinations, screenings, and medical checkups. Check with an agency about the different health insurance policies they provide before one.

2.      Auto insurance

Everyone owns or rents a car these days and accidents can cause a huge amount of money. No matter how careful you drive, accidents may happen which is why auto insurance is compulsory in some countries and some states of the United States.

An accident can cost from $10,000 to $1.5 million depending upon the vehicle you drive and the injuries caused. So it is always better to secure yourself and your vehicle with an auto insurance policy.

There are different types of auto insurances and in some states, it is mandatory to have basic auto liability insurance that covers, bodily injury or death, property damage (when the responsible person is you), and legal fees.

Other mandatory insurance policies include uninsured motorist coverage and/or personal protection policies wherein the medical expenses of the driver and the passengers will be covered in an accident regardless of whose fault it was.

Auto insurance also helps if your vehicle gets stolen, especially if you own an expensive car.

Accidents and thefts are expensive and come unexpectedly, so it is always better to stay prepared with an auto insurance policy.

3.      Home Insurance

Owning a home is a dream come true and is one of the greatest assets for many people. A Home insurance policy helps to protect this valuable investment in case any unpredictable damage occurs, including theft.

A home insurance policy will be required if you have a mortgage and if you don’t have a mortgage, the policy can protect you from the expenses and liability caused due to injuries and damages to guests by you, your house, or pets.

This policy also covers additional expenses like repair and build structures, renovation after becoming inhabitable, damage due to extreme weather conditions, etc. While buying a Home insurance policy make sure that you go for one that covers both its structure and contents, including the cost of living till the repair is over.

4.      Disability Insurance

This policy is as important as the health insurance or life insurance policy. A person’s biggest asset is his/her ability to earn and provide for themselves and their family. This will become nearly impossible in case any disability happens.

A disability insurance policy is the type of policy in which the insured person will be paid a benefit if he/she is injured or ill and can’t work due to that injury. An accident can happen unexpectedly and is not necessary to happen on the road itself, so better be prepared than regret it later.

This policy takes into account temporary, partial, permanent, and total disability. This policy also pays death benefits to the family of the insured person if the unexpected happens.


All the insurance policies mentioned above are the most important ones that any individual must-have. These policies will help you or your family at some point in your life. Having an insurance policy gives a sense of security to people and helps them leave peacefully without having to worry about the future.

The most important thing to look for while buying a policy is the history of the insurance agency. A trusted insurance agency like the RH Insurance Agency always puts its customers first. We understand the needs of the customer and provide the best policy options that protect their future.

Rh Insurance Agency has more than 20 years of experience in the insurance field and we are known for the top quality service we provide. We reviews insurance policies from 20 different companies working to provide the best policy apt for each customer.

So if you have not bought an insurance policy for yourself, hurry up! The safety of you and your family must always come first.

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